Want an easier way to get a better rate on your home loan? At Joust we get banks and brokers to bid for your home loan, putting you in control.

Following its merger with LoanDolphin, Joust has delivered a range of new products and services to market, with the premier being its Joust Instant Match.

The service was crafted for borrowers looking to more efficiently assess their financing options, connecting them with up to three service providers who quickly check their criteria against their different home loan products.

Since initially going live with the service, Joust Instant Match users have proven unlikely to shop elsewhere digitally, providing a greater chance partners can make contact and convert.

“Mortgage brokers are now able to subscribe and acquire quality home loan leads for a fraction of what it would cost if they were to utilise their own strategies via other channels,” said Joust CEO, Carl Hammerschmidt.

“The initial feedback we have had on the quality of customers from our launch partners has been extremely positive."

LoanMarket franchisee and initial partner for Instant Match, Michael Chadwick, was among those who expressed the sentiment.

"I find most Joust customers that come through the Instant Match solution are actively looking to do something and are expecting a phone call from me to discuss loan options with them,” he said.

“This has been a good solution to help drive business volumes now as well as build a database of active customers to write business in the future.

"I find Joust customers convert at a higher rate than the other providers I have used which is generating more revenue & a much better ROI for my business.”

Chadwick also highlighted the good experience he has had with the “helpful” team at Joust thus far.

“They have a genuine desire to work with me as a business partner and help our business grow good quality enquiries and convert those to sales,” he said.

Instant Match was created to present a digital route to market which enables lenders and brokers of all sizes to compete on a level playing field, with a reduced time and capital commitment still achieving strong digital reach.

“Instant Match allows us to provide commercials that scale well with larger practices with a marketing budget to match, as well as smaller firms,” said Hamerschmidt.

“A budget of $3,000 will gain greater reach and ROI through Instant Match than with other digital channels.

“[However], our new platform not only provides a stronger digital route to market for lenders and brokers, but the main priority is ensuring the right customer is being offered the right loan at exactly the right time."

Currently, Joust supplies home loan opportunities of more than $300m per month to its mortgage broker partners and direct lenders.

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How Joust Instant Match Works

For customers who want to instantly assess their options and connect with lenders. Joust Instant Match allows customers to connect with up to three service providers and quickly assess their home loan requirement against different home loan products.

The customer completes a short onboarding questionnaire (10 data points and SMS verified). The console will display up to three offers instantly from an extensive list of available products.

Key Benefits for Lenders and Brokers

  • All offers are displayed using a matching algorithm according to the user profiles. Customisable based on numerous data points.
  • Lenders will be provided the customer’s datasets to connect with the user and discuss next steps
  • Easy commercials based on a cost per lead model.

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