How to Be Rid of Your Monthly/Annual Bank Fees

Bank fees. A necessary nuisance. Or are they?

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Do You Need a Mortgage Broker to Get a Good Home Loan Rate?

The home loan market can be a complicated and confusing place. There are so many different features and products that can leave you scratching your head. That’s where mortgage brokers come in promoting themselves as the best option to understand all the products and find the right one for you. 

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3 Ways Joust Simplifies Your Search for a Better Home Loan Rate

Researching the best home loan rates Australian lenders currently offer can be a headache and incredibly time consuming. At Joust, we are dedicated to helping you find the best home loan rates banks can offer you. We have created a digital marketplace that provides transparency and empowerment in your search for a mortgage, but we have also optimised the process for your convenience. Here are three ways Joust simplifies your search:

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What the MFAA Survey Discovered About Customer Experiences When Using Mortgage Brokers

The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia recently commissioned a survey to discover the experience of customers that used a mortgage broker or went directly to a lender. The report concluded that whilst customers tended to generally be slightly more satisfied when they used a mortgage broker, there is a lot of room for improvement. For instance only 40% of customers felt that a broker acted in their best interest at all times. That means that 60% of customers feel that a broker may not al...

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Memo to all Home Loan Product Managers

Good home loan customers don't accept fees

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Joust Creates Transparency in the Mortgage Market

Customers win because of the transparency Joust creates 

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Buying a House is one of the Biggest Decisions in Life…Choosing a Home Loan is Not

Buying a house is one of life's biggest decisions Over the last 30 years Banks have made home loans way too complicated. Honeymoon rates, fixed rates, packages, free credit cards, frequent flyer points, redraw, fees for this and fees for that. If you are a customer with good equity saved and a good credit rating – a home loan is just a simple commodity.  Good home loan borrowers can now think of a mortgage much like petrol.  It doesnt really matter who you get your mortgage from!  Increasingly, ...

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How to use Your Credit Score To Advantage

How to use your good credit score to advantage In the US and the UK most people know their credit score and are able to use it to negotiate more favourable loan terms. Right now in Australia - we are way behind. Very few of us know what our Credit Score is and until Joust arrived in the Australian home loan market – there wasn’t a smart way for customers with good credit scores to obtain the home loan interest rate they deserve.

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Joust Founder Mark Bevan Interview On Interest Rates

On Tuesday the 6th of June, 2017 Mark Bevan was interviewed by 5AA's Jade Robran. Mark and Jade discussed the Reserve Bank's decision to leave interest rates on hold after their meeting on the 7th June.  The 9th meeting in a row to see rates stay on hold.

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Joust Property of the Week -45 SASSANOWSKY ROAD, Compton

A COUNTRY LIFESTYLE MINUTES FROM THE CITY  A property for the discerning buyer looking for a country lifestyle, minutes from the city.

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How much can you save? Find out now  Using The Best Home Loan Calculator
At Joust, we want you to get the best home loan rate possible by creating a competitive home loan marketplace. 
Using the disruptive, fin-tech digital Joust platform, the banks bid for your business. Competition means you get a better home loan rate. 
Joust is a private company, with the management team having almost 100 years of combined banking experience in the Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne Home Loan Markets. Between us, the team has worked for Westpac, CBA and NAB in the past, but Joust is not affiliated with any bank. 
By creating competitive mortgage pressure amongst the panel of lending banks, chances are a Joust can get you some of the best home loan rates available in the market. Joust gives you a dynamic and simplified way to compare home loans. Check out our home loan repayment calculator and may the best home loan interest rate win!

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