On your search to discover the best home loan rates available, you will come across many online comparison websites. With each boasting the ability to help you to find the best deals, it’s easy to be lured into using them.

The concept of putting in your email address and phone number into a form seems harmless enough at the time. Yet, once you have entered your details, you can be in for a nasty surprise.

As soon as you fill out the form and do your comparison, you start to get phone calls. Not only from the web company itself, but also from the many lenders that are affiliated with the site. And, when they’re not calling you, they’re emailing you. This bombardment of pushy salespeople can transform your search for a better home loan interest rate into a waking nightmare.

Regardless of why you're doing it, searching for a home loan should be uncomplicated and painless.

It shouldn’t be a long and drawn out process, with your phone ringing every 5 minutes with someone vying for your business.

Get some of the Best Home Loan Rates, Hassle-Free

At Joust, we believe in giving good quality consumers the ability to find the best home loan interest rate with a minimum of fuss. Our innovative platform has been designed with this in mind, so you’ll never have to deal with annoying and intrusive sales tactics.

Unlike online comparison sites, we keep your information completely confidential.

The only bank who could receive your personal information is the lender you declare as the winner. Your details are only given after you have declared them the winner of your Joust. If you don’t declare a winner, your information will remain private.

Joust Home Loan Platform

More than just keeping your information confidential, we fast-track the time it takes to discover your ideal home loan rate. Whereas a typical process could involve weeks of meetings with banks and mortgage brokers, endless brochures and tricky negotiations, with Joust this isn’t the case.

Joust makes it as simple as possible to help you find the best home loan rate Australia has to offer.

By increasing competitive tension amongst our panel of lenders, you can sit back from the comfort of your own home and watch as lenders compete for your business in real-time. You are in total control, from the time frame of your Joust to the selection of the winning bidder.

Joust Free Home Loan Bidding Platform

Completing your profile takes approximately 3 minutes. It’s time to stop empowering the banks and put you back in control of your finances.

Would you like to learn more about how Joust can help you to find the best home loan rates? If so, you can find more information here. Alternatively, download our free eBook to discover secret tips on how to find the best interest rates...

How much can you save? Find out now  Using The Best Home Loan Calculator
At Joust, we want you to get the best home loan rate possible by creating a competitive home loan marketplace. 
Using the disruptive, fin-tech digital Joust platform, the banks bid for your business. Competition means you get a better home loan rate. 
Joust is a private company, with the management team having almost 100 years of combined banking experience in the Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne Home Loan Markets. Between us, the team has worked for Westpac, CBA and NAB in the past, but Joust is not affiliated with any bank. 
By creating competitive mortgage pressure amongst the panel of lending banks, chances are a Joust can get you some of the best home loan rates available in the market. Joust gives you a dynamic and simplified way to compare home loans. Check out our home loan repayment calculator and may the best home loan interest rate win!

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