If you have a large home loan – get Jousting

The best home loan providers in Australia are all extremely competitive. Nowhere is this more apparent than when good quality customers with large home loans use Joust in a quest to find the best home loan interest rate. Home loans of $700,000 or more are generating fierce competition on the revolutionary new Joust home loan auction platform. Joust now has 15 lenders on its platform and the number of mortgage lenders continues to grow.

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Joust property of the week - 48 Ferrers Street, Mount Gambier

48 FERRERS STREET, Mount Gambier

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Joust represented at RFi Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit 2017

It was a great thrill for me to represent Joust at the RFi Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit 2017. The two day conference at the Sydney International Convention Centre brought together a large number of mortgage industry participants, thought leaders, innovators and international speakers.

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Joust property of the week - 11 Saltbush Place Torquay

  11 Saltbush Place, Torquay

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The Hardest Thing About Doing a Joust is Finding Your Driver's License

Knowing where to start in your search for the best possible home loan interest rate can be a daunting prospect. Who do you talk to? Where do you look? The questions can be endless.

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How Joust Protects Your Credit Rating

Building a healthy credit rating and then maintaining your credit score should be a very high priority for all Australian home loan consumers.

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Joust property of the week - 44 Milan Terrace Stirling SA 5152

  44 Milan Terrace, Stirling

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Joust property of the week - Torquay, 52 St Georges Way

  52 St Georges Way, TORQUAY 

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Joust property of the week - 41 Ferrers St, Mount Gambier

41 FERRERS STREET, Mount Gambier     LISTED AT $595,000

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How You Can Save Hours Finding the Home Loan Rate That's Right For You

At Joust, we believe that good customers deserve the best home loan interest rates available in the market place. We also believe that finding the best rate should be a straightforward process. However if you call a bank or contact a mortgage broker, they will ask you seemingly endless questions and usually it will be days before they come back to you with their interest rate offer.

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How much can you save? Find out now  Using The Best Home Loan Calculator
At Joust, we want you to get the best home loan rate possible by creating a competitive home loan marketplace. 
Using the disruptive, fin-tech digital Joust platform, the banks bid for your business. Competition means you get a better home loan rate. 
Joust is a private company, with the management team having almost 100 years of combined banking experience in the Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne Home Loan Markets. Between us, the team has worked for Westpac, CBA and NAB in the past, but Joust is not affiliated with any bank. 
By creating competitive mortgage pressure amongst the panel of lending banks, chances are a Joust can get you some of the best home loan rates available in the market. Joust gives you a dynamic and simplified way to compare home loans. Check out our home loan repayment calculator and may the best home loan interest rate win!

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